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Gallery of Belly Dance Performances in WNY

Below you will find some images and videos of our performances. If you'd like to have us perform at your next event, please Contact Us!

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Shimmy Mob Online 2020

Performing "La Resistance" in 2020 during the Shimmy Mob Online 2020 event hosted by Hayati Bellydance. Music is "Uprising" by Muse.

Valentine's Day Vampire's Ball

Performing a group improv piece in 2012 at the Valentine's Day Vampire's Ball at Club W in Buffalo, NY. Music is "Monster" by Lady Gaga.

Mad Orchid's Tea Party

Performing "Transform Ya" in 2010 at The Mad Orchid's Tea Party at the Sugar Club in Dublin, Ireland. Music is "I Can Transform Ya" by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne.

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